Clap along if you know what happiness is to you!

For sure, the world isn’t perfect, but come on, who is? Just as any group or composition, we are just as good as the pieces we are made of. If we choose to neglect parts of us, we will feel worse. If a company neglects a certain department, it will be less profitable. If a car gets a flat tire, it will not run and if the avocado is long over due, the guacamole will not taste as delicious. So – we cannot blame the world for being shitty, since she actually consists of all of us, and really, we are not all that shitty. We got lots in common with Mother Earth. We mostly revolve around ourselves, we react and counter-react to what we are being put through. We have a long perspective where we would like to be able to see ourselves happy and alive, half a life time from now. We live with our abilities and try to make the most of them. If it gets warm, we sweat, if it’s cold, we try to cover ourselves best we can and wait out the day until we are once ready to spring back to life. Yes, Mother Earth and her inhabitants are very much alike and she isn’t bad or good, just as humanity is not evil or altruistic. We balance ourselves to coexist, we give a little to hopefully receive a little. This small idea, this hope and possibility, lights up the present in a most contagious way, and lately I have been given so much from so many in such a short time I will have a hard time balancing things again. I have received so much more than I ever gave, a thought that every time it manifests itself makes me feel humble and grateful. I know that when it comes to the world, she’s just as beautiful as the people in it. Some of these strangers which I have met through couch surfing around the world never stop to amaze me. They wake me up with a fresh made espresso in the morning. They let me sleep in the comfy bed warmed by a hug and a small spoon. They share their underpants and picks me up from the station in the middle of the night. They force me to eat their food and then pays my sandwich behind my back. They set me up with friends to drive me from town to town and they teach me about dragon taming. They go completely mad at tram parties and have jam sessions in the basement of communist museums. They choose their most expensive bottle of wine for the home made pasta dinner they just cooked for me. They invite more and more people and let everyone feel welcomed just asking for a smile in return. They take care of the pissed drunk newly made friend who overestimated themselves and make sure s/he is returned home safely with a bucket by their side. They dress up like pandas and zebras in way too tight morph suits and then struts around the city like it’s no big deal. They organise, plan and book a weekend full of activities and parties just to let others explore and enjoy the city in the most fulfilling way. They lend you their clothes and lets you use the washing machine for a whole backpack of dirty laundry. They thank you for the tiny possible help you can contribute with, and then sends you off with a hug, a smile and unforgettable memories that warms your belly and moisten your eyes with a silly smile for weeks after. These people makes this world a pretty special place. Dare to find them.

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